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Iris is an international project created by Edizioni Kolibris, an independent Italian publisher devoted to the translation and promotion of the best contemporary poetry. During the first five years of its activity, Kolibris has published some 150 titles by both well-established and emerging poets from a wide variety of nations.

Iris was originally conceived as an international web site dedicated to poetry in translation, migrating literature and bilingualism. During its first year it was visited by so many people from all around the world that we thought it worth expanding the project, with the aim of spreading knowledge, sharing poems and translations, announcing literary events and new books, creating contacts, and promoting collaboration and synergetic relations between publishers and cultural operators.

Today, therefore, we are proud to launch Iris News, a new international project consisting of many different things at the same time:

Iris News is a daily poetry journal, containing updates about literary events, recently or soon-to-be published books, curiosities and expectations, in Italian poetry and poetry in translation from around the world.

Iris News has many sections, each dedicated to a different European or non-European country, to migrating literature and bilingualism, criticism, translation theory and artistic synergy.

There are also many thematic columns, which started during Iris’ first year of activity: Gray Ink by Gray Sutherland, dedicated to Italian poetry in translation; Hebrew Poetry, curated by Sara Ferrari; Persian Poetry, by Carlo Saccone and Nahid Norozi; Russian Poetry by Paolo Galvagni; Greek Poetry by Crescenzio Sangilio in collaboration with the Greek poetry review “Poiein”; Italia Argentina Ida y Vuelta, by Silvia Rosa; Il Poeta del Lunedì, by Emilio Capaccio; Serbian Poetry, by Vesna Andrejevic, Bulgarian Poetry  by Emilia Mirazchiyska. Other new columns are also being started and other translators are joining the crew.

Each month will also feature the Iris Poet of the Month. The poet this month is Michael Schmidt.

The section dedicated to books fresh off the press starts with Il seme del giorno by Rossella Renzi and Ogni volta che pronuncio te by Salvatore Sblando.

Iris News is also inaugurating Iris Photo, a new section dedicated entirely to photography, and Iris Arts, which is dedicated entirely to the figurative arts.

Iris Photo’s first feature will be wonderful images by Claudio Trezzani, demonstrating the embrace between water and rocks, blessed by huge eyes of light.

Iris Arts will start by presenting the beautiful, original illustrations by the French poet and painter Pierre Rosin.

Iris News is currently preparing an audio and video poetry news section.

Iris News also contains a quarterly e-zine, designed to complement the website, with the aim of enabling in-depth analysis of the topics included in it daily and of introducing novelties of all kinds.

Iris News has an e-book series of works of poetry (also in translation), literary criticism, translation theory, art and photography.

Starting next year, Iris News will also be available on paper.

Iris News welcomes contributions from anyone to any of its sections as well as proposals for new columns or sections. You simply have to write to redazione@irisnews.net, clearly explaining your project and attaching your proposal.

When making your submission please take care to ensure your selection is highly representative of your work, and follow our submission guidelines.

You may submit poems or translations, photos, or paintings or other figurative art works.

You may also submit reviews, critical pieces, or even your own personal views on poetry and translation, or share with us your experience as a poet or translator.,

All new suggestions, advice and ideas will be warmly welcomed.

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