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Pat Boran, The Guide/La guida

The Guide A dog in my dream.I bend down to pat himon the head, I bend down towhat-my-own-name-ishim on the head, but he stepsforward on what appears to bethe gravel path we’re on and my arm must extend to reach him, and my feet behind me on the ground leave the ground behind.            Below.                                            Just…

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Eva Bourke, The Latitude of Naples/La latitudine di Napoli

THE LATITUDE OF NAPLES For Eoin I With this pen as my eidograph
I draw the map,
the ground plan of power
and the street plan of destruction: first the central square
with the ducal palace – or what’s left of it, the fountain doubling as pillory
(the irony of the life-giving well
beside the neck irons of scorn), then the…

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Eva Bourke, The Last House/L’ultima casa

THE LAST HOUSE after Rainer Maria Rilke No matter who you are, when evening comes get up and leave your room with the familiar things, scattered books, photographspinned to the shelves,no matter who you are. And as you step outside into a lively scene of buildings, people, traffic rushing past, it strikes you that your…

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