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Paul Henry, To the Landlord/ Al padrone di casa

To The Landlord for Oliver Reynolds I should like to complainabout the man in the upstairs flat.He is too quiet.His thoughts are deafening.When he grinds his teethmy windows rattle.The sky darkens when he closes his eyes.He scratches his headand a low-flying jetscrapes across the village.He scratches his ballsand the bulls go wild in their fields.How…

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Paul Henry, Ther dog in the reeds/Il cane tra le canne

The Dog in the Reeds The vagaries of light sustained mewhen I lived in the city for you –the brush-and-go of a sheeton a window, the summer’s last carddealt onto a paving stone, a railing’ssudden alchemy…. It was enough.A warm brick in a terrace was love,a back yard’s chandelier of pears. And when the light…

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